Friday, 28 January 2011

Mind Map of Ideas

With the brief in mind I made a quick mind map of some early ideas whilst sticking to the criteria.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Ideas for Names and Logos

     My first name idea is, 'Man On The Moon' - thinking of this I thought of the modern age and technology. It shows that it is a modern record label and would sign any genre of music, it would also be popular in the early 70s. The only downside to this name is that it sounds more like a trance, electro or glitch-pop label, signing electronically made music - however I will make it so that it isn't. For logos I had ideas for an astronaut sitting on a comically small sized moon. Going with the 'space' theme another logo idea I had was a stereotypical alien with MOTM next to it. For my last logo i had a simple moon with a flag coming out of it with less detail that the first idea.

     My second name idea is, 'Dead Roots Records' - the logo idea for this was an upside-down tree so that the leaves and branches were underground with the roots coming out of the ground on top. Another logo was a simple 'Dead Roots Records' in a 'dead-style' font.

     My last idea is, 'Superclean' - this idea came from the label being clean as in fresh and new and the super bit just sounds cool. It also implies, like superman, that it is abnormal and above other labels being 'super-new'. I only really had one logo idea for this and it was a diamond with superclean text under or around it, alternate ideas were just a simple diamond logo that could be produced onto anything; letterheads, t shirts, lighters, etc.

Questionnaire Results

     The first question, 'would you prefer a bold colourful logo rather than a simple one', six out of ten said yes they would and four said no. Most people for the second question question put they would rather see an eye-catching logo than one related to the name of the label, ideally the logo would be both. For the Island records logo, most people liked most about it is the palm tree and the fact that the name relates to it, but many if not all said they would add the colours: yellow, red and green.
     For question five, 'do logos often catch your eye', everyone answered yes. question six, most people wrote that the name 'Ssassafrass' was different and could work because of its unique spelling. Orange and black were the main colours that people chose for their own logo and they also prefered Factory records to Trash Aesthetics.
     Question 9, 'what do you think about the sub pop logo?', literally everyone said it looks like the run DMC logo with one comment saying, "I think whoever came up with this logo is in love with run DMC but probably too much of a geek so is concentrating on pop music instead of hip-hop, oh and they're most probably white". and for the last question was unanimously 'no'.

I think that doing questionnaires are a good idea because you get a good idea what your target market want and like and also get feedback on your own ideas and logos. 

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


This is a questionnaire I made to get a basic idea of what other people think about the logos.


     Today we had a meeting with Lee and he gave us all assignment briefs on our project; he continued to pitch us his idea for us to draw on.
(It didn't scan very well)

He said we should generate our own ideas around his main one and use the existing music labels: Subpop, Factory, Island and Trash Aesthetics for inspiration. It is important to stick to what the client wants because I couldn't just disregard what he said and just make my own thing because thats not how business works. With this is mind I took notes of Lee's pitch and made sure to keep all my work 'in the guidelines'.
The target audience is 18 - 28 year olds so has to appeal to them and also make a good myspace and facebook page for viral marketing of the label. It would have to be eye-catching and appealing to youth so I started making rough ideas using words like 'fresh' and 'cool' to start.
As I am essentially working for a client I will keep referring to the brief and getting feedback of, not just him but other people aswell.