Tuesday, 18 January 2011


     Today we had a meeting with Lee and he gave us all assignment briefs on our project; he continued to pitch us his idea for us to draw on.
(It didn't scan very well)

He said we should generate our own ideas around his main one and use the existing music labels: Subpop, Factory, Island and Trash Aesthetics for inspiration. It is important to stick to what the client wants because I couldn't just disregard what he said and just make my own thing because thats not how business works. With this is mind I took notes of Lee's pitch and made sure to keep all my work 'in the guidelines'.
The target audience is 18 - 28 year olds so has to appeal to them and also make a good myspace and facebook page for viral marketing of the label. It would have to be eye-catching and appealing to youth so I started making rough ideas using words like 'fresh' and 'cool' to start.
As I am essentially working for a client I will keep referring to the brief and getting feedback of, not just him but other people aswell.

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