Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Ideas for Names and Logos

     My first name idea is, 'Man On The Moon' - thinking of this I thought of the modern age and technology. It shows that it is a modern record label and would sign any genre of music, it would also be popular in the early 70s. The only downside to this name is that it sounds more like a trance, electro or glitch-pop label, signing electronically made music - however I will make it so that it isn't. For logos I had ideas for an astronaut sitting on a comically small sized moon. Going with the 'space' theme another logo idea I had was a stereotypical alien with MOTM next to it. For my last logo i had a simple moon with a flag coming out of it with less detail that the first idea.

     My second name idea is, 'Dead Roots Records' - the logo idea for this was an upside-down tree so that the leaves and branches were underground with the roots coming out of the ground on top. Another logo was a simple 'Dead Roots Records' in a 'dead-style' font.

     My last idea is, 'Superclean' - this idea came from the label being clean as in fresh and new and the super bit just sounds cool. It also implies, like superman, that it is abnormal and above other labels being 'super-new'. I only really had one logo idea for this and it was a diamond with superclean text under or around it, alternate ideas were just a simple diamond logo that could be produced onto anything; letterheads, t shirts, lighters, etc.

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