Thursday, 27 January 2011

Questionnaire Results

     The first question, 'would you prefer a bold colourful logo rather than a simple one', six out of ten said yes they would and four said no. Most people for the second question question put they would rather see an eye-catching logo than one related to the name of the label, ideally the logo would be both. For the Island records logo, most people liked most about it is the palm tree and the fact that the name relates to it, but many if not all said they would add the colours: yellow, red and green.
     For question five, 'do logos often catch your eye', everyone answered yes. question six, most people wrote that the name 'Ssassafrass' was different and could work because of its unique spelling. Orange and black were the main colours that people chose for their own logo and they also prefered Factory records to Trash Aesthetics.
     Question 9, 'what do you think about the sub pop logo?', literally everyone said it looks like the run DMC logo with one comment saying, "I think whoever came up with this logo is in love with run DMC but probably too much of a geek so is concentrating on pop music instead of hip-hop, oh and they're most probably white". and for the last question was unanimously 'no'.

I think that doing questionnaires are a good idea because you get a good idea what your target market want and like and also get feedback on your own ideas and logos. 

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