Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Further Questionnaire

Our pitch to Lee is in a few days so I thought I would make a mini questionnaire about my ideas to see what students from the college think. (ones that aren't doing art or media)
So here is my questionnaire which I gave to 10 people

I found the results to be useful to my work. Most people when asked 'what do you think about when you see a diamond' answered: hardness, beauty and cleanness. About trees a lot of people said nature and fresh air but some said its a bit too primitive.  When asked, 'What do you think about when you see an astronaut or an alien', most people answered space and technology but some said other light forms and new life.

for question four, 70% of people thought that 'Dead Roots' is a good name to market something with.
for question five, 100% answered that 'Superclean' makes them think about freshness. 
for question six, 80% said no to whether astronauts and aliens make them think about music.

I found this useful because I thought that Man On The Moon was the strongest idea but the target audience didn't really understand it (from the questionnaire) It seems that Superclean is the strongest idea because it was the one that most people liked and it made them think about freshness. Dead Roots Records was also a good idea but the name Dead Roots with the font didn't really appeal to people but, the small amount of people who liked it said it was 'different' and would definitely 'make them look at it again'. The logo of the tree was also a big success with the audience.

Logo Idea

These are my logo ideas for: Man On The Moon, Superclean and Dead Roots Records.
My first two ideas are for Man On The Moon. One is a stereotypical alien with 'MOTM' next to it; I thought this would be cool because people think they have a general idea about what aliens look like and they could see that the name would be something 'outerspacey'.  The second one which I think is the stronger idea is an astronaut sat on a comical size moon with 'Man On The Moon' underneath it. Although it seems like an electro or glitchpop label because of the space references - modern technology. I thought although it sounds like one it could still be an indie label.
I thought of this idea last and originally had 'ssassafrass' as a name with a 6 s's joined together as a logo. I preferred this one because in the brief Lee said he wanted words that are positive and new like: fresh, clean, modern'. I took what he said and thought positive and new.. but super, therefore superclean came to me. I like it because its two words but rolls off the tongue as one, its easy to say; in Spanish it is 'superlimpio'. The logo, I couldn't think of even one let alone three ideas so I came up with this. A diamond, representing cleanness and also the 'super' part because it is the strongest material known to man; and the lines coming off to show freshness or how sparkling clean the diamond is.
I like this logo along with the text underneath but I also think that diamonds are used to market a lot of products and this without the text may be ambiguous to the target audience.

My last idea is 'Dead Roots Records', I thought of this being like, dead roots therefore new beginnings and because its a new indie label. Although I also thought having 'Dead' in the name may put listeners off because its not a very attractive word to see, especially in the font I have chosen.
The logo itself is a tree upside down; so that the branches are coming through the soil and the branches and leaves are below the ground - basically an upside down tree. I thought this idea was great because trees are also used to market a lot of things but I've never seen a logo like this so thats why I like it, because its different. 
The text below is used to show what the logo markets, and I chose a rotten looking font to use because of the 'dead roots' part of the name.

Next week we are going to pitch our ideas to Lee to see what he thinks and to get feedback of our ideas and also to see other students workk.